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Real estate agency "Tynychlyk" yesterday, today and tomorrow!

To begin with let us ask: why do we need a real estate agency, and what role is assigned to them in the market? Agencies must perform consulting and positioning of the property, as well as monitor the cleanliness of the transaction.

Real estate agency "Tynychlyk" started its work in March 1996 in the face of emergency "Abzalov VG." On October 23 next year, the agency changed the legal form and became known as Company "Tynychlyk." The real estate market and the Republic of Naberezhnye Chelny we work more than twelve years!

From 2005 to 2007, LLC "Tynychlyk" actively cooperates with the City on the purchase of apartments for orphans, for which he rewarded with a thank-you letter from the mayor Khalikova IS. Provides all possible assistance to the development of sport in Naberezhnye.

Director of Real Estate Agents Abzalov Vladislav Garafievich stood at the origins of the Association of Real Estate Agencies Naberezhnye Chelny ("ANA"). From 2003 to 2007 he was elected its president three times. In 2004 he became one of the founders of OOO «World of Real Estate", which was created for the issue of the same name. In 2006, VG Abzalov becomes a shareholder, "Investment and Finance Company," where is the chairman of the board of directors, and real estate "Tynychlyk" to this day is an active participant.

Vladislav Garafievich is a leader and example for our employees. He has the ability to attract people to show positive emotions, has good manners and responsible, to strive for progressive learning. It is very important for the people with whom you work. With men, business people want to work, because they better control their feelings and emotions.

Not everyone can go to our company. There are certain principles on which we select our staff. Vladislav Garafievich trying to support each employee to see and develop his professional skills.

Our company is constantly evolving, experts gain new knowledge, without which it is not possible to successfully conduct business. The company participates in seminars and trainings. The success of business depends largely on the real estate agents, so the agency pay much attention to their professional growth. Many decisions are made jointly by the general meeting. It is said that "he who does not know how to relax, he does not know how and work." We have become a tradition to organize corporate parties, field trips. During the holidays, employees can relax, get to know each other outside the formal conditions, which affect the fruitfully continue to work together.

A distinctive feature and advantage of our company is that most of our customers - this is repeat customers, and those who turn on the recommendation, as well as professionalism.

Currently, the Agency for the convenience of our customers every day from 8.00 am to 18.00 has five departments: the Department of primary residence, second home department, the department credit, legal department, the lease.

Help experienced professionals of our company will take into account all factors affecting the value of the property, and correctly evaluate your property, and quickly find a reliable buyer and arrange a safe transaction. To work effectively, we use all available sources of receiving and transmitting information, as well as the existing database. Along with the traditional operations of the sale, purchase, exchange, and the privatization of housing, agency staff will help you to arrange heritage, rent, gift, coordinate redevelopment, conduct consultations on the real estate market, spend nonresident return in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. We will help you to get permission to build, put the object into operation, to issue any part of the ownership or lease. Much attention is paid to the commercial real estate transactions.

Our rates: - 70% of transactions carried out on the secondary real estate assets - 10% of transactions carried out on commercial real estate (including holiday villages) - 10% of transactions carried out by the primary real estate assets - 10% of transactions carried out by individual homeowners.

In the department of primary residence will help you to purchase housing in new buildings. Real estate agency "Tynychlyk" actively cooperates with the developers as "Kamgesenergostroy", "FGC", "Himstroy", "Streak", JSC "ZYAB" company housing "background" by "ZhilStroyServis" LLC "Avangard", LLC PKF "Insight" on the implementation of housing under construction.

The most popular option today is to buy an apartment on credit. The Department of lending to you free of charge and competently give advice, help you find the right mortgage program to calculate the duration and amount of the loan, will help in the preparation of documents for a loan in almost any bank in the city. Specialist lending carries the full support of the transaction, pending the receipt of money in the bank and transaction support to Companies House. LLC "Tynychlyk" is an accredited partner of the bank VTB 24, Kit-Finance Bank, Savings Bank, Rosbank Avtogradbanka, Tatfondbank, Akibank, Kamkombanka, Uralsib.

In addition, we have a legal department, where you give advice on civil matters, would amount to tax returns, help with paperwork, conduct legal support, represent your interests in court.

Also for your convenience running rental department, which will inform you on the phone about all the options for hire and delivery of the property. We have a solid database of real estate in Naberezhnye Chelny, we guarantee an employer problem finding a solution suiting option of residential and commercial real estate. When he came to us, you not only wasting your time looking for, but avoid falling into the trap of speculators.

Stability and reliability of the agency is achieved by finding and implementing new methods to create optimal conditions for consumers. We understand that quality services are provided by real estate are the key to our success and future development on the basis of recommendations received from our customers. This allows us to operate stably. LLC "Tynychlyk" is one of the leading agencies in the city.

Particular attention is paid to the advertising policy. We have our own website of the, which is available all the information about the services we provide to the public. Periodically run the commercials on TV, "Ether," REN TV "," CCC ", and on the radio. Place your ads in the newspapers: "Hand in Hand," "Unity", "Chelny LTD", "Evening Chelny," in the magazine "The whole world of real estate."

With the current stress on the housing market in crisis conditions, which all experienced real estate firm, not all of our employees passed, the company had to focus, minimized, but nevertheless, we are working smoothly with no slowdowns.

Applying to the Academy "Tynychlyk" You can be sure about the final outcome of any transactions with your real estate. At the heart of the relationship with our customers is goodwill, mutual respect and individual attention. The company has long established itself as a very stable and reliable partner who promises to always something that can provide, and always provides what it promises.

Peace to your home, tranquility and confidence in everything!